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Summer Program Enrollment Application

The button below is a link to enroll in our summer program. Fill in all of your information and once you have finished click DONE in the top right corner. This will send immediately to Image Builders to be reviewed and stored. It will ask if you want to download it or have it sent to you. If you would like a copy of the form click download.

While you are there you can check out other videos from Image Builders YouTube!

GRAND OPENING of our Summer program

Our summer program is where image builders started. Our grand opening was centered around our summer program for the kids. It holds a very special place in our hearts and the link to the left is a collage of our opening from image builders YouTube channel. Ever since then Image Builders has been an outlet for the youth and the community during summer break where they can be in a fun and creative environment. We are continuing to educate, grow, and bring joy and smiles to the kids' faces. 

More of our First Summer Program (GRAND OPENING)

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