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Image Builders Summer Camp

We offer Financial literacy through leaders in local financial institutions.  How do we intend to build the integrity and personality of young people? Leadership and character building will be taught from from different well grounded organization and community leaders. Entrepreneurship can be demonstrated through the teaching of the fundamentals of business from minority owned businesses. Fine arts is expanded on through music, art, dance, and theater. We also offer the expansion of the mind through different cultures to keep our kids educated on customs from all around the world. We have real world professionals coming in to educate students. 

I Am Royalty

I am Royalty was started to empower and enlighten young men and women about their stance in royalty. Each year we have different themes such as "Our truth vs God's reality" and our latest was "Snatching back our birth rights and finding our true identity." I am royalty is designed to uplift and encourage each individual to find their very own priesthood. Along with that we equip young people with the tools that are necessary to rock their crown!

Blessing Boxes

Our blessing boxes is an annual blessing to be a blessing event. Where the youth in image builders come together and fill shoe boxes full of gifts and toiletries according to the basic needs of the community at that time. We do boxes specific to single moms, seniors, and children. 

Feeding the community

Feeding the community is also a annual event where we feed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. And we also feed the homeless once a month as a community service for our participants in the program. Its a pleasure seeing the joy of giving back and serving our local community. 

Backpack Giveaway & Back to School Production

Annual events where the children that are a product of image builders Memphis show off their gifts, talents, and everything they have learned from that summer while receiving and giving away backpack and supplies for the upcoming school year.  This is an event that the community looks forward to seeing each year. 

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