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What Dance Means to me

Peace, Frustration, Tranquility, Rage, Love, Hate, Happiness, Sadness, Life, Death, Joy, Mourning, When I think about dancing this is what I get. Dance is every emotion you could ever feel balled up in one and your body is waiting to release and demonstrate every little bit of it. Depressed, Suicidal, A force to be reckon with, A Conqueror, A Child of the Highest, a child that’s Unworthy, FREE, and bound. Dance is every unspoken word you wouldn’t or couldn’t say. Every tear I have cried every laugh I let out is what dance is to me. AND with all of that I have learned how to maneuver through life, coping and dealing with hard situations and critical circumstances. This along with my degree in psychology has equipped me to teach and train other how to express themselves in a positive manner. Worship, word, and prayer is how I live my life. Now how may I help you through this journey called LIFE.

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Available training and teaching : 

  •  Worship Free flow (praise and worship) 
  • Flag worship
  • Choreographed pieces
  • Prophetic flow
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