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Gallery and Past Projects

Blessing Boxes 2021

Covenant Celebration Picnic 2021

Grand Opening Back to School Event 2021

The news came and got our story at our latest event! Click the button above to watch :)


Thanksgiving Community Event


Backpack Giveaway

Team Building

After School Program

End of the Year Production (Part of Arts)

Tennis Day

Pizza and Judgment house

Community Service


Dance Playday

Water Park Day

Art Day

Pizza and Sunday Fun!

More of our First Summer Program (GRAND OPENING)



Black History Month

Before Image Builders

Before Image Builders there was Workers in Christ. We made an impact doing this and work that we did can be found below. We feel that Workers In Christ is a very big part of our story and how we got here today. 

Our First Time Feeding The Homeless


FIRST EVER EVENT: I am my Sister's Keeper

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