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About Carmilla

   Carmilla Wheeler is the founder of Image Builders Memphis and she grew up in the inner city of Memphis TN and is familiar with the needs and struggles of the community. Image Builders Memphis was formed in order to change the way people see themselves so that they would want better for themselves. Image Builders Memphis wants to make those opportunities to reach for better more attainable to the community. We obtained our 501c3 nonprofit status on April 17th, 2018. We began our first program which was our summer camp for the youth May 26, 2018. Since then we have had budgeting classes, community clean up events, Thanksgiving event for the elderly, I am royalty event for young women in our community and blessing boxes for the homeless in Dec 2018. We have so much more planned for the years ahead such as help for people to rent affordable homes in the area, community fellowship events, financial literacy classes, tutoring for children struggling with schoolwork and help to fix the nutritional struggles facing our community. We are dedicated to serving the people in our community. Our community is considered high risk and we want to eradicate poverty and crime in our area. We want to give the people a real shot at a fulfilled life.


How We Build Images

Image builders Memphis has a charge to the community. To uplift, empower, cultivate, and identify each God given ability and talent. We are dedicated to changing our community one family at a time. 


Our Vision Statement

Image Builders Memphis is a 501c3 nonprofit community development corporation that is dedicated to see people’s lives transformed. Our vision is to re-image our broken community through financial literacy while developing entrepreneurship mindsets. Giving access to health, education and affordable/sustainable housing solutions. Inspiring our people through creative arts and community restoration. We are committed to relationship building between neighbors, businesses, and faith-based groups.


The people that build up our kingdom. ​

Carmilla Wheeler


I am a philanthropic leader with a multi-faceted immediate impact on both underserved and suburbs communities across the world. Through my passion, kindhearted, and innovated ways to help with the arts. As a leader, I am always evolving and committed to my own growth. And I, Carmilla Wheeler will see things happen as a result of that growth millions of people will transition out of poverty each year with the right recourses and training using their god given abilities and gifts to conquer all that belong to them. I also earned my bachelor’s degree in phycology, and I will continue to further to my degree with dance therapy, where I teach our community how to deal with life issues through the art of movement. 

Tierenee Nichols

Administrative assistant

A University of Memphis alumni with a degree in social work and minor in Spanish. Memphis born and raised in Mississippi, she has a love for art, music and wants to help people.

Veronica Flores

Technical Support

I have an immense passion for making people smile and being a good part of their day. I began designing my own business and website and when i found that the technical parts behind the scenes of a great business is such a fundamental and creative part of what I LOVE to do. I designed and created this website for Image Builders. I've built my own brand and online marketing and hope to get to the point to do it for many others!

Kia’nve Barron

Events and administration coordinator

Healthcare professional holding a degree in Healthcare Information Technology and currently pursuing a degree in nursing. Passionate about serving the community and inspiring others to achieve their maximum level of success.

Darnesha Grays

Educational Volunteer

From a girl with doubtful thoughts to girl that is now FEARLESS ✨I have a passion to help children seek their highest potential in education. I have my Associates Degree in Nursing and now I am planning to further my education at Belhaven University.

Theodore Hammer III

Creative Youth Helper

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